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Verbal/Hands-On Problems

Please Note: These are not official Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous problems but are supplied here as training tools for improving teams' spontaneous skills. Official practice problems can be found if you purchase the books of spontaneous problems and sample problems can also be found on the Odyssey of Mind website.

Ripping Yarns

Your challenge is to give responses that include ripping paper.


Your challenge  is to tell a story while incorporating items into the story.

What's in Your Closet?

Your challenge is to tell a story that incorporates items, found in your closet.

Bottle recycling

Your challenge is to say something about the bottles or improvise with them and show ways they could be used.

Lost in Translation?

Your challenge is to tell a story, but only part of your team is allowed to speak!

Weird Tales

Your challenge is to create and perform a humorous skit about one of four weird scenarios.

This is a 2-part challenge.

Mask Madness

Your challenge is to give a response about what is in your box or say what it could be used for - without being able to see it!

Monster Mash

Your challenge is to create a monster costume that can be worn by a team member.

The Secret Life of Pets

Your challenge is to create three different pets and then tell a story about their secret life

Archeological dig

Your challenge is to create a series of artifacts that have come from an archeological dig and then say what they are.

Terminal Shapes

Your challenge is to arrange one or more terminals and a shape to represent something, and then say what it is.

Words, words, words!

Your challenge is to make up a story.

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