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Who and what is NYSOMA?


NYSOMA is the short name for the New York State OM Association.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that administers the Odyssey of the Mind program in New York State.  We are licensed by Creative Competition Inc who are the owners of the Odyssey of the Mind program.


NYSOMA’s mission is to teach children and adolescents creative problem solving & teamwork skills. 

NYSOMA was created around the start of the Odyssey program, as a small non-profit association in 1979, and grew during the first 10 year to the point where the organization was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 1989. 

NYSOMA is led by several teams of volunteers

  • The NYSOMA Board of Directors, like any corporation, is the team responsible for running the organization.  These volunteers are legally responsible for the operation, behavior and performance of everything that happens in NYSOMA.

  • NYSOMA Officers, are the individuals the Board appoints that are responsible for:

    • General operations - State Director

    • Finances - Treasurer

    • Memberships - Registrar

    • Judges & Officials - Judges Coordinator

    • State Finals Tournament - Tournament Director

    • Website Development and Maintenance - Webmaster

    • Minutes & Records - Recording Secretary.

  • ​The State Problem Captains. Odyssey offers 6 long-term problems each year, that teams select from, and NYSOMA has a team of Problem Captains that are responsible for coordinating the judging at State Finals and for judges training for these problems.

  • Committees.  NYSOMA has a collection of committees that are led by a Board member and staffed with volunteers that ensure all of the activities that make the Odyssey Program run and develop in New York.

NYSOMA would not exist and be successful without its volunteers.

NYSOMA is always looking for people that love the program and wish to help. All sorts of skills are needed.  It is a very worthy investment of your time and energy and seeing the teams perform and share the solution that they have come up with is very rewarding.  Come join us!

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to NYSOMA to help support the program and to provide Odyssey scholarships to high school seniors and college freshmen.

Oh, and did we mention?
We are crazy about pins and pin trading!
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