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The Spontaneous Problem for the 2021 NY Multi-Regional Virtual Tournament will be Verbal.


Updated: New York teams will now be required to complete their virtual spontaneous problem between March 10th and 16th 2021.

Practice virtual spontaneous problems are now available in the members area.


What you need to know

What is Spontaneous?
Who does what? 

ALL team members (up to 7) are allowed and encouraged to participate.

The team coach (or team member) can type the responses into the form.

If it is a team member it may be hard for them to think of answers as they type. If it is a coach, however, they must only type in what the team says and cannot not participate in any other way.

The team needs to determine how much time is needed for each task (thinking, discussion, entering responses).


How much time?

The team will have 20 minutes to solve the problem in competition.

Once you start, you cannot pause the time. Make sure your team is ready before your coach clicks "Begin".

If you get disconnected the timer continues, so make sure your internet connection is robust.

Set a countdown timer and learn to manage the time.

Be sure to practice the whole process before you login to compete.

Response generation

It might be a good idea to use a few minutes “Thinking Time” before starting to enter responses into the computer. Each team member should use a piece of paper and a pencil to make a list of potential responses. Team members should rank their responses as more or less creative. If a different team member gives the same (or similar) response, cross that one off your list. 

Who speaks next? 

If using something like Zoom, it is very difficult to hear if more than one person tries to speak at the same time. Pre-determining an order or a system to determine when each team member should respond will help ensure the coach/typist can hear the response and will save the team time.

Submitting responses

Below the timer you will see a series of blank response fields. Each field is numbered.

After you enter a response, you can to use the TAB key to advance to the next field, or click on the next field with the mouse cursor.

The number of fields will depend on the problem. You may need to scroll as the team may have more response slots than are visible but the screen will continue to show the problem and timer.

Length of answer and typing skill affects speed. Spelling doesn't matter, so long as it's understandable. Longer answers take more time to type and may not necessarily be more creative.

Submit the team’s most creative responses first.

Responses can be revised and replaced until either time expires or the coach clicks the Submit button.

Practicing Virtual Spontaneous

There are two ways for a team to practice a Virtual Spontaneous

Via Zoom or something similar...

when the coach shares their screen, and then logs in to the Team Login on the Odyssey website and then clicks...

Start Spontaneous Practice (for Coach) 

to begin and start the timer.


This is what each team member will see on the screen that the coach shares, as responses are typed in.

Via Team Login on the Odyssey website...

All team members each log in on their own device. Everyone will need login ID and password for their team, when logged in each team member separately clicks...

Real time spontaneous response view (for team member).

After everybody can hear each other (you may need to conference call on your phones) and see the response entry screen on their own screen, the coach clicks...

Start Spontaneous Practice (for Coach) to begin and start the timer.


This is what each team member will see on their own screen as responses are typed in by the coach.

Note: Edited responses are not visible on team members screens until the coach clicks or tabs onto another field

Competition Time

Use whichever method Teleconference (Zoom, Hangout etc.) or multiple logins, you found best during practice.

To access the competition you need to log on to the Teams area in the Odyssey of the Mind Website

If using Teleconference, team members will be watching the coach's shared screen.

If doing multiple logins, each team member clicks the Real time spontaneous response view page (for team member) link to see responses typed in by the Coach.

During your competition time the coach will select Start Spontaneous Competition (for Coach) and then click Begin to start the timer. 

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best"

~ Duke Ellington