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2023 Scholarship Application

Every year NYSOMA awards a number of academic scholarships to New York OMers, who are graduating High School or have just started their freshman year of College.

"All you ever wanted to know about Tournament Day"
This years challenge is to create a lively, entertaining and creative video (3-5 minute in length) that will show teams everything they need to know about participating in an Odyssey  Tournament.
This can be in the form of a documentary, an animated movie, a musical theater extravaganza, or wherever else your creativity leads you...

To apply, fill out the form below, giving details of your Odyssey experience and what your have learned from being an OMer and participating in Odyssey of the Mind. You can submit an application on behalf of yoursel (individual) or a group of people (Team)

Provide a URL to your video submission. Make sure it is shareable!

Deadline for submissions is April 1st 2023, by 11:59pm.

Yes, really! We aren't trying to fool you!!

NYSOMA 2023 Scholarship Application

Alternate Contact Email

e.g. Parent

Select an option

Write a paragraph summarizing your Odyssey of the Mind experience. Include years participated, problems done, honors and awards received and any other Odyssey related activities.

Write a paragraph stating what you have gained from being an OMer.

Provide a shareable link to your "Everything you ever wanted to know about going to an Odyssey Tournament" video

Please Note: Submission of your scholarship application gives permission for NYSOMA to use the text and video on its website and for other marketing and training purposes.


Any scholarship awards will be made solely at the discretion of the NYSOMA Board of Directors.

Thanks for applying!

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