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NYSOMA Scholarship Winners - 2024

Through donations and raffle sales, NYSOMA sponsors a Scholarship program for participants of Odyssey of the Mind in New York. Applicants must currently be high school seniors or first year post-secondary school enrollees. This year each award is $1,000.

"What has being an OMer taught you, and how will it help you and future employers?"
This years challenge was to create a lively, entertaining and creative video that will show people what they have learned, and what real world 21st century skills they have developed, by participating in Odyssey of the Mind
Madelyn Carpenter

Madelyn is a Senior at Pine Bush High School (Region 5) who has done Odyssey for seven years. She has done technical for three years, structure for one and performance for three years. Madelyn has gone to states three times and worlds once (virtual). Her team has won two Ranatra Fusca awards, one for their technical device in 2019, another for their extreme weather situation and overall quality of their presentation in 2021. She has won two OMER’s awards, one for helping an elementary school team get supplies for their structure in 2020, another was for our perseverance when their technical device was unexpectedly fried after a power surge this year. Odyssey has fundamentally changed her life from allowing her to express herself and come up with creative ideas to the love she feels for my teammates, to the important life lessons she learned from feeling both success and failure. She states, “I will always appreciate what Odyssey has done for me as a person and as an OMer. It will forever be a precious and important memory in my life.”

In college Madelyn will be majoring in Marine Biology.

Lauryn Donahue

Lauryn is from Broadalbin, NY (Region 21), and has been a dedicated Omer for the past eight years! In 2021 and 2022, her team juggled multiple problems simultaneously, problems 2 and 5, during the Odyssey season. During this time, her team has made it to the world finals three times, achieving 6th in their most recent year. She is very grateful for the time she has spent in Odyssey and has developed valuable creative problem-solving and teamwork abilities. She states, “Odyssey teaches life skills that can be used in any career or path you may take in life. As I dive into a future in culinary arts, I will forever appreciate the discoveries I've made on this team.”

Lauryn will be attending SUNY Adirondack in the fall, studying Culinary Arts. Along with Odyssey, cooking has been her passion for many years.

Shamus Evans

Shamus is from Galway, New York (Region 6) and has been competing in Odyssey of the Mind for 13 years. He and his team have been to States every year that they have been eligible, and to the World Finals in 2023. At the World Finals they placed fourth overall and first in the long term. During his time on the team Shamus has had a huge role in writing the team's scripts. From creative puns to important character development, he always knows how to capture the audience. Being a part of OM has helped Shamus break out of his shell and learn to work with a team. He states,” Odyssey of the Mind has been an integral component of my extra-curricular activities and my life in general. My teammates are my best friends and participating in Odyssey of the Mind has brought me pure joy.”

Next year, Shamus will be attending SUNY Albany and majoring in physics. He would like to continue to participate in Odyssey by judging at the regional competitions.

Jenna Hopmayer

Jenna is a senior at Pine Bush, a small town in Orange County, NY (Region 5). This is her ninth year competing in Odyssey of the Mind and she has competed in all the Odyssey problem types, except for Classics. She is most proud of earning an individual Ranatra Fusca Award for her exceptional work in costumes in 2022, as well as an Emerging Alumni Award in 2023, and two team OMER’s Awards: one in 2020 for remarkable sportsmanship when helping another team, and one in 2024 for persevering through a power surge that fried her team’s tech-NO-ART device the week of Regionals. Odyssey has empowered her to embrace her individuality and express her creativity in somewhat unconventional, but still enjoyable and remarkable, means. For Jenna, the most special aspects of Odyssey are the close-knit bonds that form between her teammates and herself. Some of her most cherished friendships and relationships have been kindled through their times together on an OotM team.

In her future, Jenna intends to major in International Relations most likely at SUNY Geneseo, and then pursuing a career in foreign service or human advocacy. She states, “Thank you and peace out NYSOMA!!!”

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