Registration - Teams

To participate in the Odyssey of the Mind in New York
- to complete these 4 steps, click on the numbers:
Complete Team Registration
(Problem, Division Team Roster)
by December 15

You will receive by email a

  • Membership #

  • Member Login for Odyssey HQ

  • Full copies of all long-term problems

Go to Members Area Login

  • Select Member Login

  • Enter Membership # and zip code

  • Select NYSOMA State Membership

  • You will receive a confirmation email with invoice/payment details

Go to Members Area Login

  • Select Team Login

  • Enter User Name and password

Note: You will need to have completed State Membership in order to register your team

Pay emailed invoice by

  • Check 

  • Credit Card / PayPal

  • Purchase Order


No teams will be permitted to compete in Regional Tournaments with outstanding fees.