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Resources for NY Teams 

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World Finals Sales

Advancing Teams...​


You are all representing Team New York at World Finals this year at Iowa State University in late May. Teams will be gifted a NY World Finalist T-shirt and must wear it for Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


Each year NYSOMA also offers for those teams and officials attending WFs from NYS the opportunity to purchase:

  • Pins for pin trading

  • Additional NY World Finalist T-shirts

  • Flashing LED hats to use in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Orders are for whole teams, not individual team members and families, so each team needs to have someone consolidate all the orders.

There are 2 order forms (Pins & T-Shirts) to make organizing orders easy - we prefer the Excel version on our end, but the PDF version is fine too.  Because the Champions meeting was virtual this year we are providing a 3-week window of time for teams to pull their orders together and get them submitted via email to 


All orders are due by Friday April 15th. 


We will be placing the orders for T-shirts immediately following this date.  No T-shirt or Hat orders will be accepted after April 15th.  Pin orders may be accepted after April 15th and filled on an as-available basis. All orders will have an order confirmation sent. 


Orders will need to be paid for when picked up by credit card, cash or check.  The pickup date will be on Saturday May 7th.  The location will be the Lucas Farm in Virgil NY ( just south of Cortland ).  More address details will be provided when order confirmations are sent out.  Payments will be accepted on the day of pick-up or before via credit card. 


Shipping pins and T-shirts can be expensive so we are encouraging teams that live close to each order to connect and see if there is someone that can come pick-up all the orders to bring back to their local area.  You can arrange for orders to be mailed, but the cost of mailing is the team’s responsibility.  Any mailed orders will be sent immediately following May 7th.


People often don't order enough pins and run out once they start trading. We will bring a limited amount of pins to WFs in Iowa to purchase there, and will hold 2 opportunities to buy additional pins on Thursday and Friday evenings of WFs. 


Starting this year we are using a new email address for any communications related to NY WFs Sales ( ).  Please send all your orders to this email address, as well as any questions. 


We look forward to hearing from you all.  

Pin Order Forms
T-Shirt Order Forms
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