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Get Started!

To participate in Odyssey of the Mind you need the following 4 things:

Sponsoring Organization

- In New York most teams are from public schools, but students can also participate via community organizations, private schools or home school groups.

- For a community organization or homeschool group, contact the State Director, Lynn Lucas 


Team Members

- A maximum of 7 students can be on a team, divided into one of 4 age groups.  

- The Odyssey of the Mind Division Finder will let you know which division your team qualifies for. 



- One or more adult(s) helps manage the team; these are often teachers, parents or even previous Odyssey participants.

- The coach’s role is to facilitate and guide the students as THEY solve the problem. Learn more about being a coach.


Odyssey of the Mind Membership

- Will give you the current Long-Term problems and membership materials.

Regional Fees

- In each region there will be an additional fee to cover training and participation. Contact your Regional Director to find out more 

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