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Results - NY teams at World Finals

Team New York got 2 First Places, 3 Seconds, 2 Thirds, 3 Fourths, 2 Fifths and 3 Sixths.
Problem 1

Division 1

5th Place: State Street Elementary, Skaneateles

Division 3

5th Place: Johnstown Jr/Sr High School, Johnstown

2nd: Geneseo Middle/High School, Geneseo

1st: Vestal HS Team A, Vestal

Problem 2

Division 2

6th Place: Warwick Middle School, Warwick

6th Place: Long Beach Middle School, Long Beach

4th Place: Pittsford MS, Pittsford

Division 3

6th Place: Broadalbin-Perth Jr/Sr High School, Broadalbin

2nd Place: Vestal HS, Vestal 

Problem 3

Division 2

2nd: Long Beach Middle School, Long Beach

Division 3

3rd Place: American Civic Association, Binghamton

1st Place: Goshen HS, Goshen

Problem 4

Division 1

4th Place: State Street Elementary School, Skaneateles

Problem 5

Division 3

4th Place: Galway Jr/Sr High School, Galway

3rd Place: Fairport HS, Fairport

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