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NYSOMA 2021 Scholarship Winners

Puttin' on the Ritz!

This year, OMers were challenged to create a short video explaining “What is Style?” in a creative, entertaining and effective manner. We received many wonderful entries, and from these 4 recipients were chosen. They will each receive $750 to help with college expenses.


Ella Weldy

I have had the privilege to participate in Odyssey of the Mind for five consecutive years. For me, Odyssey has been an outlet of creative energy and invaluable bonding experiences with my team. (We are probably world champs at "The Human Knot.") Next year I plan to attend Clarkson University to study Environmental Engineering. The environment has been my (biggest) passion for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to creatively solve some of the worlds most pressing issues! Thank you NYSOMA for helping make this dream a reality.


Grace Bartow

I am a Senior from Troy, NY, and an Odyssey of the Mind participant of 12 years. I have had the pleasure of competing in the NYSOMA State Competition 8 times and the World Finals 6 times. We received 5th place at World Finals twice, an OMER award, and a Ranatra Fusca as well. I will be studying industrial engineering, the study of problem solving, in college next year and is currently undecided on where she will study. I would like to thank the entire Odyssey of the Mind organization, NYSOMA, my team, coaches, and parents for all they have done for me. I would not be the same person without the wonderful years spent in OM! Thank you!


Georgia Camacho

I’m Georgia Camacho, a Senior at Pine Bush High School. I’ve participated in Odyssey since 6th grade, and in that time have enjoyed the special brand of chaos that comes with giving seven sugar-fueled students access to paint and power tools. I am grateful to my district for supporting Odyssey, and indebted to all of the coaches that have kept my time in the program safe and fun. Odyssey has helped me to recognize my strengths and to develop amazing friendships I would have missed out on otherwise.  I plan to study language at Mt Holyoke College and to eventually pursue a career in museum and archival work.


Kynzee Sethi

I am Kynzee Sethi, a Senior at Vestal High school, and a full IB candidate. Participating in all division levels, over the past ten years I have also been an assistant coach for younger teams and a volunteer.  I credit Odyssey for helping me become an idea generator and helping me plan spontaneous activities to help my family survive life in a pandemic lockdown. Outside of Odyssey, I am a Girl Scout who loves to hike, kayak, travel, and volunteer.  I plan to attend the University of Toronto for Life Sciences in the fall on a premed track. I hope to stay involved with Odyssey as a Division 4 participant and as an Odyssey judge.

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