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Be a Coach!

Why be a Coach?


  • It's FUN!

  • To witness kids display their creativity.

  • Letting team members explore and find solutions themselves, without outside input

  • Giving kids the opportunity to achieve more than they ever could have imagined!

  • To help a child develop confidence in their own ideas

  • Watching life long friendships develop.

  • To see kids working together to solve problems

  • Keeping your brain sharp by learning from the team doing amazing spontaneous solutions !

  • It's humbling, gratifying and intriguing

  • The team - they make you smile, laugh, and sometimes cry!

  • Being part of a special community! The OM community.

Coaches make the program possible - you are helping develop independent thinkers, awesome collaborators, future innovators and world changers!

Every team needs an adult over the age of 18 to be a Coach.


The nice thing about being an Odyssey Coach is that all of the work, every prop, device, prop, every line in the solution must be designed and created ONLY BY THE MEMBERS OF THE TEAM. Anything else is considered Outside Assistance. This takes the pressure to be creative off the coach! 


Being a coach for an Odyssey of the Mind team can be confusing the first year, until the team has experienced a season of Odyssey, therefore, we recommend that coaches find a co-coach to share the job. It’s not required to have a co-coach, but it can make the season more fun!

Learn more about the Role of a Coach.

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