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Monster Mash

Monster Mash

Your challenge is to create a monster costume that can be worn by a team member.


This is a two-part problem. In Part I, you will have 3 minutes to think, discuss the problem, and create a solution. You will be warned when 1 minute and when 30 seconds remain. You can ask the judges questions; however, time will continue. You can talk to each other at any time.

There are materials to make a costume (point to materials). You may use them in any way you wish, but you cannot damage materials placed within the taped square on the table.

Your challenge in Part I is to create a monster costume that can be worn by a team member.

When Part I ends, one team member must be wearing the monster costume.

In Part 2 you will have 3 minutes to give responses. Speak loudly and clearly. Once time begins it will not be stopped, even if a judge asks you to repeat a response, or to clarify it, or to give a more appropriate response.

There are 30 tokens in front of you. Before making a response, you will place a token in the container on the table.

You can respond in any order. You may give responses until the team no longer has any tokens or until time ends, whichever occurs first. Each team member may give as many or as few responses as they wish, until the tokens run out.

Your challenge in Part 2 is to give a response that describes the monster, or to talk to the monster.

For example you might say, “My, what a lot of scars you have!”

The team member dressed in the costume must give responses as the monster during his/her turn.

For example the monster might say, “You think I'm scary... you should meet my Mom!"”


Place the following items within a 12" taped square on the table:

Pair of scissors

Set of colored markers


These may not be damaged or altered. The scissors and markers cannot be part of the team’s solution.

The following materials may be changed or altered in any way:

3 pieces of construction paper

10 pipe cleaners

4 paper plates

5 plastic straws

3 plastic cups, 12 oz or larger

10 cotton balls

1 cardboard box

36” colored yarn

1 roll of clear tape

Place the tokens for responding within reach of the team.


Part 1

You will receive 1-15 points for the creative appearance of the monster

You will receive 1-15 points for how well you work together

Part 2

You will receive 1 point for each common response and 5 points for each creative response.


How the monster have been more creative?

How were roles chosen?

Did the team use the all the provided materials

Did the team use the materials in creative ways?

Was it better to have more responses from the monster?

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