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Weird Tales

Weird Tales

Your challenge is to create and perform a humorous skit about one of four weird scenarios.

This is a 2-part challenge.

In Part I you will be given 5 minutes to think and discuss your strategy and create your solution.

You may ask questions or talk to each other at any time. Questions count against your think time.

Your challenge is to create and perform a humorous skit about one of the 4 weird scenarios.

You will be given materials to make props if you wish. You will also be given items to use as props. Markers, crayons, and scissors may not be damaged.

You must select one of the following weird scenarios:

   a. You are eating dinner when suddenly one of your dining utensils begins to talk to you.

   b. You are from the Stone Age and have been transported into the present day.

   c.  You have a dog that becomes invisible when it is wet.

   d.  At least one of you is stuck in a refrigerator.

In Part II you will have 3 minutes to present your skit.  You may talk only as part of the performance.


Materials you may alter

1 piece of paper 8 1/2”  x 11”

1 paper plate

An egg carton

3 labels

12” piece of tape

1 piece of string, 18” long

Materials you may not alter, and cannot be used in the skit

Markers, crayons and scissors

Props - may not be damaged or altered

2 different hats

A yardstick

An umbrella

A pair of sunglasses


How well the skit relates to your chosen scenario (1 to 20 points)                                                                                                Creative use of props in the skit (1 to 15 points)

Creative use of materials in the skit (1 to 15 points)

Humor in the performance (1 to 15 points)

Creativity of the skit (1 to 15 points)

How well team works together (1 to 20 points)


Try video recording the session and have team score themselves

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