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Words, words, words!

Words, words, words!

Your challenge is to make up a story.


In this challenge, you will each have 4 blank index cards.

There are 21 cards face-down on the table with words already written on them.

In part one you will have one minute to each write 4 words on your own index cards.

In part two you will have 7 minutes to tell a story using one of the cards you have written on, or one of the cards that are face down on the table.

Your challenge is to make up a story.

The story starts: "When I woke up this morning, I..."

The first team member will select a card and respond by adding to the story. Once they finish their response they place that card in the container on the table. The next team member will select a card and make a response, and so on.

The team may respond in any order, however each team member must make at least 4 responses, using the cards they have written.

You must stop at the end of 7 minutes, or when every card has been used.

Each card may be used only once, and placed in the container after use.


Print the following words on index cards, large enough for the team to read.

Division 1 Words:

Air, Cup, Hair, Boat, Ear, Hat, Car, Egg, Monkey, Cold, Five, Pig, Cook, Foot, Water, Sun, Waves, Potato, Snow, Pizza, Apple.

Division 2/3 Words:

Baking, Egg, Oxygen, Battery, Foot, Pig, Car, Hair, Pressure, Volcano, Hat, Scientist, Ear, Monkey, Water, Sunflower, Acorn, Peach, Broccoli, Cell-phone, Zombie.

Place the cards face down within reach of the team.

Give each team member 4 blank index cards and a marker.

Place a container on the table to place the used word cards in.


1 point for each response that doesn't really add to the story.

3 points for each common response that adds to the story

5 points for creative or humorous responses that add to the story

2 bonus points for an unusual or creative word written and used by a team member


Did the team write creative words on their cards or play it safe?

Did the team decide who would answer early or later?

How could the presentation been more creative?

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