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Mask Madness

Mask Madness

Your challenge is to give a response about what is in your box or say what it could be used for - without being able to see it!

You will have 1 minute to think and 5 minutes respond. You may ask the judges questions; however, time will continue. You are not allowed talk to each other at any time.

Each of you has a box with an object inside. You are not allowed to look at your object and you are not allowed to tell each other what object they have. Your challenge is to give a response about what is in your box or say what it could be used for.

For example, you might hold it up to your head and say, “It’s a silly hat.”

Each of you has a surgical mask. There are also 35 tokens and a container for the tokens that is placed on the table.

During think time, you will wear your surgical mask so that it also covers your eyes. You will then open the box and feel what is inside. You will place the item back into the box when think time ends. You are allowed to ask the judges to help you find your object or pick up a token at any time.

During response time, you will wear your mask over your eyes as you respond. When you make a response, you will first place a token in the container and then pull your mask so it covers your eyes. After you respond, you must put the object back in the box before you pull the mask down from your eyes. Your object must be covered before you pull the mask down from your eyes.

Speak loudly and clearly. Once time begins, it will not be stopped, even if the judge hasn’t heard your response and asks you to say it again.

You can respond in any order. You will be finished when all of the tokens have been used or response time ends. At that time, you can look at what’s inside your box. Each team member may give as many or as few responses as they wish, until the tokens run out.


Prepare five boxes with lids. Place a different object in each box, and place a box at each team member’s place. The objects can be anything as long as they are not something standard such as a ball, jar, shoe, etc.; they should be items that could elicit creative responses. Make sure the objects can be taken out and put back into the box easily. Keep extras on hand if it is something that could become damaged after being handled.

Before starting think time, give each team member a surgical mask and have him or her put it on. Make sure it completely covers their eyes. Have them pull the mask down when think time ends, but only after the object is entirely in the box.

Help blindfolded team members remove and/or replace objects, if necessary.


You will receive one point for each common response.

If your response is considered creative or humorous by the judges, you will receive five points.



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