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The Gift of being an OMer!

- lessons learned from my Odyssey career.

Jack Kralick, a recent High School graduate from Region 5, sums up the benefits he has gained from lifelong participation in Odyssey of the Mind perfectly. It forces you to recognize the necessity of absurdity in a rational solution!

Jack is currently a freshman at Binghamton University, triple majoring in Economics; History; and Philosophy, Politics, and Law. He is also a recipient of an Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) scholarship through Cornell, and an elected representative to Binghamton's Student Association. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, playing ping pong, and reading about the development of political theory. His idols would most likely be Jordan Peterson, Barry Goldwater, and John Wayne. Jack has just finished playing Fallout: New Vegas, and is anxiously awaiting the next Bethesda release!

NY Alumni … we would love to hear about how you are using those Odyssey skills in your everyday life, be it at home, at college, or in your workplace.

Contact us at to share your experience.

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