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Changes for 2022-2023

1. Chapter II Under School Memberships:

One item deleted in the following sentence:

Furthermore, each team is allowed one student that attends a different school without a membership, but who resides in the same general area.

Now changed to:

Furthermore, each team is allowed one student that attends a different school without a membership.

Under Home School Memberships:

Wording slightly changed so it doesn’t seem to require seven students on a team: Each home-schooled team must include a majority of homeschool students. For example, for a team of seven, a minimum of four homeschooled students must be on the team and each team may also include up to three students from other schools that would not have to purchase an additional membership.

2. The Outside Assistance Form

Once sentence added referencing the “OotM Closet” mentioned in the Program Guide: If you used an item(s) from a previous solution, such as taking from an “OoTM Closet” as mentioned in the program guide, please list the item and explain what modifications were made.

3. Basic Updating

Any other area with a date/year was updated and the Spirit Award Winner was changed to 2022 Winner Dr. Jim Mourey, Jr.

4. Virtual references removed.

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Open now for applications. Calling all High School Seniors, and 1st year College students get your creative juices flowing and win a scholarship to help with the costs of College.

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On Oct 25th Odyssey HQ issued some new clarifications for Problems 2 and 3.

Problem 2: Because iCan

B7c – The action “uncover something” from List 1: “Uncover” means to remove a physical impediment that prevents the “something” from being seen by the audience and the judges.

B7c – Lists 1 and 2: “Something” used as part of an action in List1 and in List 2 must be tangible and in the same form while it is both covered and uncovered.

Problem 3: Classics…The Walls of Troy

B10c3 – The original Greek Chorus singing: The singing must be delivered via vocal sounds as a combination of pitch and rhythm.

D7d – Scoring overall creativity of the Greek chorus’ portrayal: Will include behavior, dialog, and action.

B11 – The statue: In addition to being inanimate, the statue must be portrayed as being sculpted, modeled, or cast. The statue will then be considered animated by meeting the Program Guide Glossary definition requirements of “character.”

B10 – The original Greek chorus: May include different performers during each separate required appearance, but all portrayals of the chorus will be considered for scoring in D7.

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