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Judges & Officials

Hotel Information


The hotel for judges staying Friday night is the DoubleTree by Hilton, located at 6301 State Route 298, East Syracuse, NY 13057.  Check-in is any time after 4 PM.

Judges' Registration at the Hotel


Judges' Registration will be from 4 PM in the main lobby of the DoubleTree.

Officials Meetings

Friday, April 12:

Problem specific meetings at 7:30 pm with your Problem Captain at the DoubleTree Hotel. Entry is via the Grand Ballroom foyer.

Problem 1: Bill Everett - Superior Room

Problem 2: Jim Hoelscher - Erie Room

Problem 3: Matt Lopez - Michigan Room

Problem 4: Bill Walsh - Ontario Room

Problem 5: Donna Denny - Huron Room


Score Room: Jeff Carter - Grand Ballroom Foyer

Spontaneous:  Sharon Botsford - Bushnells Basin Room

Judges Reception


Social Event at 9pm in the Grand Ballroom.


Saturday, April 13: 6:15 AM - 8 AM - A buffet-style breakfast

will be available in the Grand Ballroom at the hotel.



 Directions to the New York State Fairgrounds:


Turn right from the hotel parking lot onto Telergy Parkway.  Turn right onto Carrier Parkway (Route 298).  At traffic circle, take 3rd exit to Thompson Road (Route 635 South).  Merge onto I-690 West to Syracuse.  Take exit 7 to the NYS Fairgrounds/Solvay.  Turn left at the bottom of the exit and merge onto State Fair Blvd.  Enter at Gate #2 to the NYS Fairgrounds (Hiawatha Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13209).  Average drive time is 15 minutes (depending on traffic).


Schedule of Competition


This can be viewed at

Long-term & Spontaneous Competition Locations


New York State Fairgrounds

Problems 2, 3, 4 & 5

Solvay High School

Problem 1


Maps of the Fairgrounds and Solvay High School are on the NYSOMA website at

Parking – Parking attendants will be on hand to assist in directing you to parking locations.  No parking passes are required at the fairgrounds. Officials will be given parking passes for Solvay. 

Lunch – Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and bottled water will be available in the competition lounges throughout the day. Lunch will be available starting at 11:30am and as your competition schedules allow.

Competition sites will be opened at 6:30 am.  Your problem captains and head judges will inform you of the time your competitions will start during your training sessions.


See below for locations and maps on the NYSOMA website at

Problem 1 Div I - Solvay High School Music Room

Problem 1 Div 2/3 - Solvay High School Gymnasium

Problem 2 Div I, Div 2/3 - Exhibit Center (Dairy & Cattle Building)

Problem 3 Div IA, 1B - Somerset Room & Wegmans Kitchen, Art and Home Center

Problem 3 Div 2, Div 3 - Micron Center of Progress

Problem 4 Div I, Div 2/3 - Exhibit Center (Dairy & Cattle Building)

Problem 5 Div IA, Div 1B, Div 2 - Horticulture Building

Problem 5 Div 3 - Broadway Bistro, Art and Home Center


Spontaneous Competition - Solvay High School - Holding in the Auditorium, Competition rooms, 2nd Floor

Main Score Room - Show Office, Micron Center of Progress


Important Reminder:

NYSOMA Identification badges must be worn at all times while at the New York State Fairgrounds and must be turned in at the end of the day to your head judge.

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