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Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

Your challenge is to tell a series of short stories that incorporate all of your chosen words.

This is a two-part challenge. You will have 1 minute to think and discuss the problem and 5 minutes to respond. You may ask the judges questions; however, time will continue. You are not allowed talk to each other during response time.

There are 7 categories on the board (point to board). In Part I, each of you will choose one category and say a word that fits the category. For example, you might choose “pizza” for the food category. The judge will write your word on the board.

In Part II, you will give responses. Each response will be a short story that incorporates all the chosen words.

There are 14 tokens and a container for the tokens that is placed on the table. Before each response, you will place a token in the container on the table.

Speak loudly and clearly. Once time begins, it will not be stopped, even if the judge hasn’t heard your response and asks you to say it again.

You can respond in any order. You will be finished when all of the tokens have been used or response time ends. Each team member may give as many or as few responses as they wish, until the tokens run out.


Write the following categories on a chalkboard (or its equivalent) in full view of the team members:

Food, Animal, Place, Famous Character, Color, Emotion, Mission.


You will receive:

1 to 5 points for the creativity of each story

1 to 5 points for the creative use of the required words in each story.

Tips for teams:


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