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Tournament Day

Pre-Tournament Day

  • Find out location of venue, prop drop, parking, registration and performance space.

  • If possible, check any performance space limitations and likely flooring composition

  • Print most up to date competition schedule provided by official email or on the website

  • Check with the team to make sure they have reviewed the required paperwork for their problem, including extra copies of the Team List, Style Form, Cost sheet. 

  • If you have received any team-specific clarifications, print out the email from Odyssey HQ and bring it with you

  • Have Media Release filled out and signed by a parent and student.

  • Meet with parents to discuss arrival times, the competition schedule, review Outside Assistance, and answer any questions the parents or team may have

  • Have the team prepare and “emergency repair kit” with any extra materials and supplies that the team may need if their props need to be repaired on competition day.

  • Problem solve for unexpected events on Tournament Day e.g. weather, illness or absence of team members

Tournament Day

  • Register your team at the Registration Desk immediately upon arrival

  • Locate your competition site and the designated loading/unloading area.

  • Locate prop storage area and or team rooms.

  • After arrival, team members should check all props and costumes for damage and repair immediately.

  • Remind your team once again about Outside Assistance to ensure that all parts of the solution, including getting into/out of a costume, hair, preparing forms, repairing props, are done by team members (Parents.. Hands Off!)

  • Notice the signage indicating the direction and flow of the teams and spectators at your problem site.  Notify parents and supporters.

  • Make sure all team has visited the bathroom!

  • Report to your Long Term Problem site no later than 20 minutes before your scheduled competition time

  • Let the Staging Area judge know your team is present.

  • Allow the team time for a few Spontaneous practice problems before their Spontaneous competition. Find a place where they can practice without distractions. This will help settle the team and prepare them for competition. 

  • Check into the Spontaneous Registration desk at least 15 minutes before your scheduled Spontaneous time

  • Remind your team that are not to discuss their Spontaneous problem with you, each other, or anyone else, until after World.

  • Check with the officials how you will be informed that your team's raw scores will be available.

  • Meet with Head Judge to review scores and get "Sticky Notes"

  • Review your scores (with or without your team); return to the Head Judge with any questions within 30 minutes of picking up scores.

  • One of the best things to do with your “down time” is to go and watch other teams perform their Long Term solutions. It’s fun to see some problems other than your own, and to see different divisions than your own. Team members can really appreciate the efforts of other teams while they watch their creative solutions! 

  • Have a great time!

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