Problem 4 Specifics


Problem 4 Structure Testing and Crushing

All structures will be measured and tested by Odyssey HQ. Teams will mail in the original structure featured in the performance video.


It will be measured by judges and tested using a crusher machine. Teams may ship their structures to CCI in any container the team wishes. Teams may include preferred handling instructions for CCI staff, who will follow those instructions as closely as possible. Odyssey will not dry or bake etc. the structure - it will be measured and tested as is.


Mailing procedures are detailed at:

Teams are responsible for packaging – make sure to include Division, Team Name, Membership # and Contact Information along with your structure, clearly typed or written. If this is not included, judges will not know which team to award the weight-held points to!

Mail to:

Odyssey of the Mind Program,

c/o Creative Competitions, Inc.,

406 Ganttown Road,

Sewell, NJ 08080


Must be postmarked by March 7th 2021.

"Create with the heart; build with the mind"

~ Criss Jami