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Odyssey Timeline

This is a basic guide to the important tasks that a coach needs to complete in the season. Please use this simply as a guide and be sure to include important tasks from your school/group and region. If you have questions, please contact your regional director as soon as possible.



  • Make sure that your school has purchased a national membership.

  • Register you teams division and problem they have selected.

  • Download and read the Program Guide from the Odyssey of the Mind website and start learning as much as you can about coaching a team.

  • Register and attend Coaches Training in your region. This is time well spent and will make you a better coach by keeping you up to date on the Odyssey program and connecting you with others in the program.

  • Find a location for practices if your school/group does not designate.

  • Start meetings

  • Find someone to serve as a judge representing your team. This person will need to attend a full day of Judges’ Training, and a full day the day of competition. If a parent would like to judge, he/she needs to know that they will NOT see their child’s performance on competition day.

  • Find someone to serve as a volunteer representing your team. This person will be assigned a short shift (about 2-3 hours) at the regional tournament.

  • Attend any spontaneous events in your region if available. These are invaluable to you and your team, not to mention FUN.


  • Continue meetings

  • Practice spontaneous

  • Attend any spontaneous events in your region if available. These are invaluable to you and your team, not to mention FUN.

  • Gather information you’ll need to register your team before the January 6th due date:

    • Region. (If unsure use the region finder on the state website)

    • Team membership number, name, address, (including zip code) telephone, and e-mail.

    • Team members’ names and grades in school.

    • Coach(es) name, address, telephone, and e-mail address.

  • Have your Judge(s) register.

  • Have your Volunteer(s) register.

    • This will get them signed up to receive the important information they will need for training and more. Your team’s Judge and Volunteer will need the following information to register.

      • Your complete name, address, phone number, email,

      • Team membership name and membership number

      • Which problem your team is participating in

      • Team’s division

December/ January…prior to the January 6th due date

  • Continue meetings

  • Practice spontaneous

  • Plan a team activity that is fun and outside of the long term problem thinking. Team building.

  • Consider doing a showcase performance 

  • Video a performance and get your team to act as judges, critiquing and looking for areas of improvement.

  • Complete the team registration (team roster, problem and division) for the regional tournament. Send or confirm that your registration fee for the regional tournament is paid.

  • Confirm that your judge is registered for regional tournament

  • Confirm that your volunteer is registered for regional tournament



  • Continue meetings

  • Practice spontaneous

  • Help team fill out paperwork needed for regional competition

    • Problem specific team list form

    • Outside Assistance form

    • Style Form

    • Cost Form

    • Media Release

  • Attend Regional Tournament and have FUN! You and the kids are amazing!

  • If your team is lucky enough to advance - register for the State Finals

  • If you didn't, consider judging yourself!

  • Encourage your judge and volunteer to attend the State Tournament

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