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A general clarification for all problems - No Drones!

Also Problem 2 has another specific clarification

All Problems

Jan 24, 2023

The use of drones in team performances is prohibited.

Problem 2: Because iCan

Jan 24, 2023

B7 – The series of actions that lead to completing a simple task: Each round of actions must end with a different action to receive score. That is, if an attempt completes actions a, b & c but does not complete the simple task it is scored for completing action c if action c had not been scored. If action c was already completed and scored, that attempt will result in no score for that attempt.

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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Read the latest about Regional Tournaments, Important Deadlines, Scholarships and a first look at some of our 2023 Pins!

Regional Tournaments

Our first regional tournament will get underway on Feb 11th in Region 13, at DCMO BOCES, Harrold Campus in Sidney Center, NY.

Then on

March 4th: Region 5, Region 7, Region 8/9, Region 14

March 11th: Region 6, Region 21

March 18th: Region 12

March 25th: Region 2, Region 4, Region 11, Region 19

Check out the Regional Tournaments page for all the details.

Important Deadlines

The deadline for submitting Team Specific Clarifications is Feb 15th. If you have submitted one and can't see a reply, check your spam/junk mail folder, because it might be there.

General clarifications can be issued all the time up until world finals, so keep checking on the Odyssey HQ site or on the NY Odyssey webpage.

Registration for officials at the NY Odyssey State Finals Tournament on April 15th at the New York State Fairgrounds is now open.

NYSOMA has negotiated some special rates for hotel rooms for teams, coaches and supporters. The cut off dates for accessing these discount room rates are in March (varies by hotel) so make sure you check out the Team Hotel page on the website.

Scholarship Opportunities

NYSOMA is offering a number of scholarships to HS Seniors/1st year College Students.

To be considered for a scholarship, fill out the online form and then upload a 3-5 minute video that explains everything you might want to know about participating in an Odyssey Tournament. This could be in the form of a documentary, video blog, animation or what ever else creative idea you have. Maybe think about attending a tournament in another region to your own to get additional video footage?

The deadline for submission is April 1st.

Winners will be announced at the State Finals and will be showcased on the NY Odyssey website.

COU is also offering a number of different scholarships. Individual scholarship applications are to be received by Feb 15th 2023. The Howard Kurtz Scholarship Odyssey is for HS seniors or College students studying Education who currently participates, or has participated in the past, in Problem 5 - deadline for this is April 30th 2023. There is another opportunity to apply for the Wayne Kehrli Memorial Scholarship for Division 4 participants, currently attending post-secondary education - the deadline for this is May 15th 2023. For more details and to apply visit the Creative Opportunities website.

Pins !!

Here is a first look at 3 of our pins for 2023. These can be purchased at your local Regional Tournament or at State Finals. Stay tuned for more updates!

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January updates for the Technical and Structure problems.

Problem 2: Because iCan

Jan 18, 2023

B7e & B.8 – Signaling attempts for score: All rounds occurring during the performance will be considered attempted rounds for score. In order to receive the score for D9a, the same signal must occur when each round is beginning whether or not the round itself is a successful attempt or not. There are no exceptions for practice rounds or partial rounds.

Problem 4: Where’s the Structure?

January 17, 2023

B7 – The three required structure components: A single piece of balsa wood is not considered an assembled component and would not qualify as being one of the three required components.

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