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Due to the Winter storm starting this evening and extending into Saturday...

Region 5 Tournament will start with a 1-hour delay on March 4th

Region 7 Tournament is postponed to Sunday March 5th

Region 8/9 Tournament is postponed to Saturday March 11th.

If new information is obtained from the regions, this posting will be updated.

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Updated: Mar 6

Lots of teams are competing in March, ahead of our State Finals on April 15th.

We have:

March 4th/5th: Regions 5, 7 and 14

March 11th: Regions 6, 8/9 and 21

March 18th: Region 12

March 25th: Regions 2, 4, 11 and 19

Best of luck to everyone, and keep those creative juices flowing...

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Feb 14, 2023

B11b – The Explanation Poem: The poem about searching for something special must be recited by the Magician character but other characters may assist the Magician character in the delivery of the poem. If other characters are assisting, the magician character does not have to participate in the assisted portions of the poem recital.

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