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It's the start of a new Odyssey year in New York!

Time to get your Odyssey of the Mind membership - check out the instructions here.

State Street Elementary / Middle School were the first in New York to sign up for a 2023/2024 membership, congratulations to them!

Welcome from Sammy Micklus

Problem Synopses

Here is a flyer you can use to get people excited about this year's long-term problems. But remember, in order to solve the problems you will need to get a OM membership and download the full text of the long-term problem you have chosen.

Download PDF • 2.40MB

So what is a long term problem?

Within each full problem you’ll find the following:

“Introduction” and “The Problem” sections explain the spirit and intent of the problem in a narrative, descriptive way

“Limitations” provides a detailed list of the elements that are required to be included in your team solution and if there are any constraints or limits

“Site, Setup, and Competition” and “Tournament Director Will Provide” explain to teams what type of performance space and equipment will be assured and provided, if your team goes to competition

“Scoring” is a clear breakdown of where exactly teams can earn points in competition and whether these are objective (ex: 0 or 5 points if a task was not completed or was, respectively) or subjective (ex: a range of 1 to 10 points for creative use of a material)

“Style” explains the points that can be earned through the team’s creative and artistic choices in elaborating upon their solution

“Team Must Provide” let’s the team know what documents they’ll need to provide to our judging teams and what equipment they should provide for themselves, if needed

“Problem Glossary” defines any terms that have specific meaning within the context of this problem. These are included to eliminate ambiguity and keep all teams on the same page.

If teams take the time to read and understand each section of their chosen problem, they’ll be brainstorming and building their way to a successful competition season!

Wow what a response!

A record number of pin design submissions were received for this season's NY Odyssey pins in response to our flyer.

The Pin Committee will be meeting this week to look at all of the ideas and turn your sketches and suggestions into hot traders for next year's World Finals at Iowa State University.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the chosen designs.

Regional Tournaments are continuing to be scheduled.

Dates we know so far are:

Feb 17: Region 13

Mar 2: Region 5

Mar 9: Regions 6 & 12

Mar 16: Region 1/2

Mar 23: Region 11

Check out the Regional Tournament page for all the details.

The 2023/2024 Program Guide has been released.

The Program Guide is the foundation upon which Odyssey of the Mind has been built. The Program Guide is a reference document containing information and guidance that teams will need throughout the year.

It’s strongly recommended that coaches of new teams review the entire document and that returning teams refresh their familiarity with Chapters 3-6 at the start of each new program year.

Chapter 1 - Program overview, Advice for coaches, Getting Started, Training your team

Chapter 2 - About your membership

Chapter 3 - Long-Term Problems, Spontaneous Problems

Chapter 4 - Going to Competition, Awards

Chapter 5 - Program Rules that apply to all Problems, Penalty categories

Chapter 6 - Glossary

Most of your team’s (non problem-specific) questions will be answered here so keep checking that Program Guide! Don’t see a question or you’re wondering if your solution falls within the rules and limitations? Then it’s time for a Clarification!

You can find the Program Guide in the Forms and Files section of the NY Odyssey website or download here in PDF format.

Download PDF • 891KB

A Call for New Items!

If anyone has news (especially with photos or videos) they would like to share with our New York Odyssey members, please send an email to

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NYSOMA is looking for creative ideas for next years pins.

You don't need to be an artist, any old sketch will do and our graphic designer will turn your idea into finished artwork.

We would like ideas for pin sets; problem pin sets or other pins that go together and will be hot traders at World Finals. Single pin ideas are also welcomed!

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News about New York's successes at the 2023 World Finals and a call for designs for next years New York pins.

World Finals

At the recent World Finals in Michigan New York had 2 World Champions and a record-breaking 15 top-six finishes!

This year we had a lot of new teams, experiencing World Finals for the first time but congratulations to the whole of Team New York, you make us all so proud!

1st: Place Problem 1 Division 3 Vestal HS Team A, Vestal

1st Place Problem 3 Division 3: Goshen HS, Goshen

​2nd Place Problem 1 Division 3: Geneseo Middle/High School, Geneseo

2nd Place Problem 2 Division 3: Vestal HS, Vestal

2nd Place Problem 3 Division 2: Long Beach Middle School, Long Beach

3rd Place Problem 3 Division 3: American Civic Association, Binghamton

3rd Place Problem 5 Division 3: Fairport HS, Fairport

4th Place Problem 2 Division 2: Pittsford MS, Pittsford

4th Place Problem 4 Division 1: State Street Elementary School, Skaneateles

​4th Place Problem 5 Division 3: Galway Jr/Sr High School, Galway

5th Place Problem 1 Division 1: State Street Elementary, Skaneateles

5th Place Problem 1 Division 3: Johnstown Jr/Sr High School, Johnstown

6th Place Problem 2 Division 2: Warwick Middle School, Warwick

6th Place Problem 2 Division 2: Long Beach Middle School, Long Beach

6th Place Problem 2 Division 3: Broadalbin-Perth Jr/Sr High School, Broadalbin

​See the detailed scores and where every New York team placed at

Check out photos uploaded by Team NY at

It’s time to think about next years’ pins!

For teams attending World Finals, pin trading is a bigger thing than you can ever imagine, until you have seen it for yourself.

Check out the OM pin trading page for what was popular this year.

Calling people who traded this year, what were the most sought-after pins?

Every year NYSOMA tries to come up with new pins that people will want to keep, and to trade.

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