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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

NY State Finals FAQs 2022

When is the Awards Ceremony?

We hope to start the Awards Ceremony at 6:30pm, however if anything delays the tournament, then this may be a bit later. We will try our best to be on time!

When can we access the Fairgrounds site / performance venues?

On Saturday 26th there is no entry to the Fairgrounds until 7am. However it may be possible to look at the performance sites between 5 and 7pm on Friday 25th, but there will be no prop drop off until Saturday.

How can we find out when a team is performing?

Check the latest tournament schedule at:

Are spectators allowed to watch performances?

Yes, NYSOMA is delighted to welcome everybody to come watch performances and enjoy the day.

How do we get to the NYS Fairgrounds?

The NYS Fairgrounds is located at: 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

Directions can be found on their website:

Please enter through Gate 2.

Where do teams register?

Friday March 25th: Expo Center, main lobby (NYS Fairgrounds) 4pm to 9pm

Saturday March 26th: Expo Center, main lobby (NYS Fairgrounds) 7am to 10am

Note: If you are planning on paying your State Final tournament fee by credit card please do so before you arrive:( Registration check-in quick and easy

Where can we park at the State Fairgrounds?

Each problem has been designated a parking area at the Fairgrounds. Check out the map at There will be signage after entry to the Fairgrounds and Fairgrounds parking staff will be on hand to direct you to the appropriate lot.

Where can buses and trucks park?

A parking lot has been designated for larger vehicles – the Empire RV Park above the Midway parking, see map at

Are masks required at State Finals?

NYSOMA strongly encourages that all attendees wear face masks or shields in all the buildings with the exception of the designating eating areas. If you forget your mask, or need a new one, they will be available at the Info Desk in each building, and at the check-in area at each performance site.

Do team members need to wear face masks when performing?

Team members can remove face masks when performing but we ask that they wear them when talking to the judges. Coaches can have them ready at the end of the performance for one team member to retrieve them and pass them out to their fellow team members.

Is a media release form required?

No media release form is required this year.

What are the floors like in each performance area?

The floors are concrete throughout the Fairgrounds.

Where do we put our Props?

Each long-term problem has designated areas to drop off props and for prop storage inside each performance building. These areas are marked on the maps (check out the venue diagrams at

We ask you to be respectful to other teams’ props and to also remove props from these areas as soon as possible.

Will there be dumpsters to dispose of our props?

No, there are no dumpsters. Props cannot be left at the Fairgrounds. Please do not destroy your props immediately if you do not advance to World Finals as it is possible that if another team decides not to advance, you might be offered that spot.

When do we check in for Problem 4 to get our structure checked and weighed?

Teams should arrive at the Weigh-in site in the Dairy & Cattle building at least 40mins before their Long Term performance time to have their structure tested. They may however, arrive at the Weigh-in site anytime prior to this 40min period but preference will be given to teams whose scheduled performance is closer to the 40 mins minimum reporting time.

What happens when our structure is tested?

Why are we splitting P5D1? Are they competing against each other?

We had so many Division 1 teams doing Problem 5 across New York State that we decided to increase the chances of being able to participate at State Finals by holding two parallel competitions P5D1A and P5D1B. All the P5D1 teams that advanced to State Finals were randomly distributed between the 2 competitions. Teams only compete against other teams in their split. This means that there will be two Problem 5 Division 1 state champions and at least 6 teams going on to represent New York at the World Finals in Iowa!

Where is Spontaneous being held?

Spontaneous is being held at Solvay High School: 600 Gertrude Ave, Solvay, NY 13209

Who can go to the Spontaneous competition site?

Only one coach and the team will be admitted to the building. Additional coaches and families will not be allowed access.

How do we get to Solvay High School/ Spontaneous?

There are 2 options:

a. Drive by car

b. Take the bus that will run between the Fairgrounds and Solvay.

A. Driving by car

If the team is driven to Solvay, you have the option to park in the designated areas (see map at and wait for the team to finish or to drop the team off and return at a later time. If you drop off the team and do not wait, we will ask the coach or a team member to call to let you know when they are ready to be picked up. Please do not block the bus loop, as this will delay the running of the buses. No trucks or school buses can be driven to the school.

B. Taking the bus

We will have 2 buses continuously looping between the Fairgrounds and Solvay starting at 8:15AM at the Fairgrounds. The buses will depart each location every 15 mins, so please plan accordingly.

Where will the bus departing from the Fairgrounds be located?

The bus will stop just outside the Science and Industry Building and an A-frame sign will mark the location. At Solvay the bus will stop just outside the entrance to the school.

What happens at Solvay High School?

Entrance to the competition site will be marked. Check-in will be in the hallway immediately inside the building. The holding room will be in the cafeteria. After completing your spontaneous problem, you will be directed to a hallway where you can wait until the bus or your driver returns and then exit by a different doorway. See the map at

Can all 7 team members participate in Spontaneous?

Yes they can. Why don't you check out the earlier blog post about changes to the spontaneous procedures at

What do we do if we are running late for our spontaneous time slot?

Please try to be on time but if you do run late, please text or call: Liz Hall at (585) 330-2299.

How can we nominate somebody for an OMER Award?

You can either ask at any Staging area for an OMER nomination form which when completed can be submitted at any performance site. Or you can use the on-line submission form at:

All OMER nominations will be reviewed by a Special Awards Committee and if awarded will be announced during the Awards Ceremony.

Where can we buy Odyssey pins and Odyssey souvenirs?

Merchandise and pins will be available in the Expo Center Lobby from 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM.

What can we do between competitions?

• Watch other teams compete

• Visit Odyssey Souvenir Sales in Expo Center Lobby

• Try out OMER’s Plinko game in the Expo Center lobby or the Science and Industry building and win a prize.

• There are several photo opportunities for your team and family in the Expo Center lobby and the Science & Industry Building

• Visit the Syracuse Visitors Bureau desk in the Expo Center lobby and enjoy their fun game

• Enjoy the food and picnic tables at the Science and Industry building.

Will food be available at the Fairgrounds?

Food Trucks serving a variety of breakfast and lunch offerings will be parked outside the Science and Industry building between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. The Concession Stands in the Expo Center will also be open between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Where can we eat?

The designated eating area is in the Science and Industry Building where there are multiple indoor covered picnic tables. Please no eating or drinking in the bleachers in the Expo Center until all the performances have finished.

Where is Lost and Found?

Please hand in any found items at the Information Booths located in each building. Items will be taken to the Award Ceremony at the Expo Center so that they can be retrieved by their rightful owners.

Will there be something to do while we wait for the Awards Ceremony?

Yes – the DJ will start the dance party at 5PM at the Expo Center.

We will also be doing our t-shirt, quilt and pin raffle.

Where/when will the Awards Ceremony be held?

The Awards Ceremony will be held in the Expo Center and will start around 6:30PM.

We will also live stream the awards ceremony at

Who will get the opportunity to represent New York at World Finals?

This year we are extremely lucky to be able to advance the top 3 places in each problem and division, which also includes ties, plus any Ranatra Fusca winners.

Will there be a Champs Meeting following the Awards Ceremony for advancing teams?

No. We understand that this is a very long day for everybody so we will not be holding the usual meeting post Awards. This will give you time to so celebrate with your teams and families. However, we will hold a mandatory Champs meeting on March 27th at 6PM via Zoom. If the team coach/es are unable to attend it is important that an adult representing the team does as vital information will be shared.

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