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Unexpected Delivery

Unexpected Delivery

Your challenge is to say either:

What you would want to find in the package


What you would NOT want to find inside the package.

You will have 2 minutes to think and 4 minutes to respond. You may ask the judges questions; however, time will continue.

During think time you are allowed to brainstorm ideas and write them down. When responding, you are allowed to refer to the list of responses that you created. You are not allowed to share your list.

When you want to make a response, you will select one of your cards and hold it up while you give a response. When you are finished with your response you will place it in the container. Each card may only be used once.

There are 7 sets of 5 different cards marked with two numbers. The low number on the card is what you will receive if the response is common, and the high number is what you will receive if it is creative. For example, if you use a 4,8 card the judge will give you 4 points if your response is common, and 8 points if it is creative.

Be sure to use the higher value cards for what you think are your most creative responses. Speak loudly and clearly. Once time begins, it will not be stopped.

You should not repeat a response that has already been given.

You will be finished when response time ends or when you have used all your cards.

The mail man has delivered a surprise package to your house.

Your challenge is to say either what you would want to find in the package or would NOT want to find inside the package.

For example you might say, “I would not want to find a snake”; or “I would want to find a creative answer”


Provide pencils and paper for use by the team.

Place a container and  7 sets of five index cards, each one marked with one of the following values: 5 & 10, 4 & 8, 3 & 6, 2 & 4, 1 & 2 within reach of all team members.

Team members are allowed to talk in Part I and work on lists together, but remind them that lists cannot be shared during response time.


You will receive the lower number of points on the card you hold up for each common response and the higher number of points on the card for each creative response.

Tips for teams:


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