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Oops Boss!

Oops Boss!

Imagine that you are the driver of this ice cream truck.

You parked your truck, stepped away for a moment ... and came back to find the scene in this photo.

Your challenge is to say how you will explain this to your boss.

You will have 2 minutes to think and 5 minutes to respond.

There are 35 tokens in front of you. Before each response, you will place a token in the container on the table.

You can respond in any sequence. You may give responses until the team no longer has any tokens or until time ends, whichever occurs first. Each team member may give as many or as few responses as they wish, until the tokens run out.

Questions count against your thinking time.




Common answers will receive 1 point.

Creative answers will receive 3 points.

Highly creative or humorous answers will receive 5 points.

Tips for teams:


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