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No Phone, Oh No!

No Phone, Oh No!

Imagine that you have moved somewhere where phones are not allowed.

Say how life would be different without your phone.

Each team member has 5 cards marked with different scoring values.

5 or 10, 4 or 8, 3 or 6, 2 or 4, 1 or 2. The lower value is for a common response, the higher value is for a creative answer.

Team members will take turns in order.

Before giving a response, you will hold up the card you’ve chosen and show it to the judges.

You should use your best five responses. If you believe your response is very creative, you

should choose a card with a higher value. If you think your response is less creative, you should choose a card with a lower value. After responding you will put the card in a container. Each card may only be used once.

You have 2 minutes to think and 5 minutes to respond.

Each team member has paper and pencil. During think time you are allowed to write down your ideas. You are not allowed to share your ideas.



Tips for teams:


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