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It's for You!

It's for You!

Your problem is to imagine that you have a cell phone and can call a famous person or character and ask them any question you want.

Another team member will answer that question.

You will have 1 minute to think and 3 minutes to respond.

You may ask questions during your think time: however, time continues. No other talking is allowed.

Your team is to take turns in pairs by placing two index cards in the center of the table when the two team members are ready to give their responses.

Once time begins, it will not be stopped. If the judge asks you to repeat a response, or to clarify it, or to give a more appropriate response, it counts against your time. Speak loudly and clearly.

You will each have 6 cards.

Each round, two team members will place one of their cards in the center of the table.

One team member will place a call to a famous person or character and ask a question.

The other team member will answer that question, as the famous person or character.

For example, the first team member may ask “Hello Batman, where did you go in your Batmobile?”. The second may reply “I went to stop the Joker Robin the bank.”




You will receive 1 point for each common response.

Highly creative or humorous responses will receive 5 points.

Tips for teams:


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