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As light as a feather

As light as a feather

Your challenge is to give a series of responses that increase in weight.

You will have 2 minutes to think and 5 minutes to respond.

Each of you has a piece of paper and pencil. During think time, you may write down as many words as you like, but you may not speak to each other.

The team is to give responses in any order that represent items that are increasingly heavy, starting with a light item.

There are 35 tokens in front of you. After starting with an initial response, before each subsequent response, you will place a token in the container on the table.

Once the team feels they have finished a sequence of responses, the team can start with another (light) item.

You can respond in any order. You may give responses until the team no longer has any tokens or until time ends, whichever occurs first. Each team member may give as many or as few responses as they wish, until the tokens run out.

Questions count against your thinking time.

Merely saying a multiple of the previous response e.g. A pencil, 2 pencils will only be allowed once in each sequence of responses, and will be deemed a common response.




You will receive one point for each response that represents an item that is heavier than the previous response.

If your response is considered creative or humorous by the judges, you will receive an additional three points.

Tips for teams:


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