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Time Capsule - 2021

Time Capsule - 2021

Your challenge is for each of you to make something for a time capsule for the year 2021.

In part 1, you will each make an item to be placed in the time capsule.

In part 2, you will present your items to the judges

For this challenge, you will create a series of items to be placed in a Time Capsule commemorating 2021.

In part 1, you will have 6 minutes to make your items.

In part 2, you will have 3 minutes to present your solutions to the judges.

You may talk and ask questions as any time, but time will continue.

There is a set of materials in front of each of you. No other materials may be used and you may not share materials with your team members.

There are also 7 cards, 5 of which have predetermined categories and 2 blank cards that are free choice categories that can be selected by 2 members of the team. Each team member should chose of one the categories and make an item that represents that category in 2021.


Give each team member a set of materials to work with. Each set should be fairly different from the others. Give them things such a construction paper, pipe cleaners, beads, string, magic markers, etc. Also give each of them some nontraditional items. Use what you have, but make sure to give every enough items to work with.

Give the team 5 cards with a word on it ("music,” “fashion,” “health,” “activities,” “food”) and 2 blank cards. The team can decide who gets which card.


Creativity of each item for the time capsule: 1-15 points

Creativity and originality of the teams free choice categories: 1-10 points

How well each items relates to the word: 1-10 points

Creativity and quality of each team members’ presentation of their item 1-10 points



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