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String us along!

String us along!

Your challenge is to manipulate pieces of string and then say something about them.


Each of you has 5 lengths of string in front of you. Your challenge is to improvise with the strings and say something about what you have made. For example, you could pretend it is a pile of spaghetti and say “Waiter, this pasta is magnificent!”.

The team will have 35 tokens in front of them on the table.

Each time a team member makes a response they place a token in the container.

Team members may make make as many or as few responses as they wish.


Place 5 pieces of string or thin rope of variable lengths in front of each team member.

Give the team 35 tokens for responding and a container for the items to be placed in.


Common responses: 1 point

Creative or humorous responses: 4 points


Was it better to arrange the strings on the table or to hold them up and use them?

Did using single or multiple pieces help with creativity?

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