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Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter

Your challenge is for each of you to draw a picture that incorporates a geometrical shape and then say something about the pictures.

This is a two-part spontaneous challenge.

In part 1, you will each modify a picture of a geometrical shape by adding to it.

In part 2, you will present the team's drawings to the judges.

Part 1:

You will have 2 minutes to work on your solution.

Each team member has a pencil and a sheet of paper with a shape on it in front of you.

When time starts turn the paper over so that you can see the shape.

You then have two minutes to use the pencil and the sheet of paper with a shape on it to each make a drawing.

You many not talk to each other during Part 1.

You may ask questions of the judge, but questions count against your drawing time, and time will continue.

At the end of Part 1, each team member will place his or her drawing in the center of the table.

The drawings will be scored for creativity, however the scores will not be shared with the team

Part 2:

You will have 5 minutes to give responses to the drawings you have made.

The team will have 35 tokens in front of them on the table.

Each time team members make a response they place a token in the container with the corresponding shape on it.

Team members may make make as many or as few responses as they wish.

However only 5 responses may be made about each drawing.


Give each team member, face down, a sheet of paper with a different geometric shape on it, and a pencil..

Give the team 35 tokens for responding

Provide 7 containers that are labelled with one of the seven shapes that are printed on the sheets of paper.





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