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Pair this!

Pair this!

Your challenge is for each of you to say something about a pair of objects you draw, sight unseen, from a box.


You will have 7 minutes to select pairs of items from the box, combine them and then say something about them.

The team will have 35 tokens in front of them on the table.

Each time a team member takes a pair of items from the box and makes a response they place a token in the container and then replace the pair of items back in the box.

Team members may make make as many or as few responses as they wish.


Place 10 random small items in a cardboard box with two holes cut in it so that the team members hand may fit through them when holding an item.

Give the team 35 tokens for responding and a container for the items to be placed in.

Note: To make harder, have team members remove items and make responses whilst blindfolded.


Common responses: 1 point

Creative or humorous responses: 4 points


Try video recording the session and have team score themselves

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