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Paint (a story) by Numbers

Paint (a story) by Numbers


This is a two-part problem.

The team will have three minutes to draw 5 pictures.

The team then will have seven minutes to prepare and present a story, using the pictures.


The team will draw 5 pictures between them that include the one of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the cards.

The team cannot use a number more than once.

The number must be visible in the picture.

The picture can be of anything.

Team members may ask the judges questions, but time will continue.


Team members will place their number art on the table so that everyone can see.

The team then will prepare and present a story that incorporates each of the pictures in any order.

Number pictures can be repeated more than once in the story.



5 pieces of card stock

A variety of magic markers and colored pencils


The number is visible in each picture: 0 or 5 points

The artistic quality of the pictures: 1-10 points

Creativity of the story: 1-10 points

The story incorporates each number art picture: 2 points per number (max 10 points)

Bonus points can also be won if the number art picture is included in the story exactly as many times as the number in the picture (for example, a picture that contains the number 3 is included in the story exactly three times): Double points for that number (max additional 10 points)



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