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My Imaginary Friend

My Imaginary Friend

Your problem is to create an imaginary friend.

You will do this by decorating a team member.


Part 1: 4 minutes to discuss the problem and decorate the team member.

Part 2: 3 minutes to give 5 responses each


  1. During Part  I, you will have 4 minutes to discuss the challenge and create your solution.

  2. You are allowed to ask the judges questions; however, time will continue.

  3. You will be warned when 1 minute and when 30 seconds remain.

  4. When Part I ends, one team member must be decorated as the imaginary friend.

  5. In Part 2 the team has 3 minutes to give 5 responses each.

  6. You are not allowed to talk to one another except to give responses.

  7. The team member who is decorated must give responses as the imaginary friend.

  8. Each of team members will take turns in order.


Place items that cannot be damaged separately from the items that may be used in anyway.


For Team:

These items may not be damaged

3 wigs, different colors

1 purse, 1 scarf, 1 sweater

5 plastic bracelets, 1 jacket, 1 shower cap, 1 men’s tie

2 Hawaiian leis, 1 boa, 1 bandana, 1 beaded necklace

1 set bunny ears/tail

Markers /crayons

(May substitute with similar items as needed)

These items may be used in any way the team wishes

2 Paper plates

4 pieces of yarn, 12” long

1 paper cup

1 plastic spoon

2 plastic forks


Part 1

1 to 10 points for the overall creativity of your decorations/costume.

1 to 10 points for how well you work together.

Part 2

1 point for each common response

5 points for each creative response


How could you have made the imaginary friend appear more creative?

How could the responses have been more creative?

Did you use the materials efficiently and creatively?

Did you use the Part 1 time well to plan the decorations of the friend?

Did your responses take into account the appearance of the imaginary friend?

What would you do differently if you did it again?

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