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Art imitates life

Art imitates life


Part 1:

You will have 3 minutes to think and draw. You may begin drawing at any point in the 3 minutes you want.

You may not discuss or communicate with teammates in any way.

Using a sheet of paper and a single marker, each team member must draw any one item/thing on the paper. It may be anything they wish, but it must be a single thing or item.

Part 2:

You will have 5 minutes to respond.

Your problem is to tell a story using the drawings from part 1.

You are to tell a story about a day in the life of a character using the drawings as part of the response.

After each person uses the drawing in front of them, they will then pass the drawing to the person to the left.

Each round, a person should have a different drawing to use with their response.

No person should use the same drawing twice.

Each team member has 7 cards. After each response, you will place a card in a container. You must give responses in order until each team member no longer has any cards or until time ends, whichever occurs first.




Common answers will receive 1 point.

Creative and humorous responses will receive 5 points.



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