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October News

As the season gets underway NY Odyssey brings you information about this year's NYSOMA Scholarships, the Odyssey Passport, an exciting competition from Arm & Hammer and a theatrical event in NYC featuring 2 former OMers. Finally we share information about the date of Region 14's Regional Tournament as well as a plea for new Members for the NYSOMA Board.

NYSOMA Scholarships

Attention HS seniors and first year college students! NYSOMA is announcing the topic for its 2024 scholarship application.

We would like you to create a lively, creative, and engaging 3-minute video that focuses of the real-world skills that being an Omer helps you develop for life after graduation.

This could be in the form of a mock job interview, a recruitment advertisement, or whatever else your fertile imagination could come up with. Surprise us!

The deadline for submissions is March 16th 2024.

The form to upload your application is here.

Odyssey Passport

Hey OMers!

What do you call a document that keeps track of your Odyssey goals, meetings, gives you tips and general direction, and is the one place that holds all your team’s information?

“The Odyssey Passport"!

The Odyssey Passport was designed to help both novice and seasoned coaches guide their teams through an Odyssey of the Mind season from the first meeting to competition. This detailed passport is an interactive, structured guide that will support you in keeping track of your team meetings, goals, objectives, deadlines, and more.

Log into Members Area to get your copy of this wonderful new resource!

Please note that this Passport does not replace the Program Guide and it is not the ONLY way to solve a Long-Term Problem. No matter how closely you follow it, it is your Odyssey!

Other useful resources are the Coach’s Toolbox on this website, and the series of videos in Odyssey Academy.

Baking Soda Rocket Contest

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey beyond the stars!

We’re thrilled to announce the most exciting contest of the year: the Arm & Hammer ‘Message In A Bottle Rocket’ Baking Soda Rocket Contest! It’s time to channel your inner astronaut, ignite your creativity, and blast off into a world of fun, science, and dreams. ENTER NOW for a chance to attend Space Camp.

For details and to ENTER the contest:

Entries close on November 15th.

There a video on the Landing Page is easy to follow providing clear instructions on how to launch a bottle rocket!

Disclaimer: NYSOMA is not responsible for this project but is merely sharing information about it for the benefit of teams.

Pair – a special OMer theater night.

A unique show featuring 2 former OMers, Steven Conroy and Julie Congress, is being held at the 59E59st Theaters in Manhattan.

Inspired by the lives of world-famous artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Pair is a playful meditation on the nature of art and partnership.

Claes and Coosje were renowned for their larger-than-life pop art sculptures that inflated everyday objects to extraordinary proportions. As the artists explore their creative process, something fantastical is happening as a singing pear (yes, the fruit!) embarks on a worldwide quest for self-discovery. What emerges is a funny and intimate play about collaboration, imagination, and love.

The OMer night will be Friday, November 17 at 7:30pm. The show is 70 minutes and then there will be a talkback afterwards with Dr. Jim Mourey from Odyssey Academy and Illinois Odyssey of the Mind, along with some of the cast/crew who were involved in Odyssey back in middle and high school.

The discount code (for $20 tix) is "OMPair".

Folks can get more info and buy tix here:

Spontaneous Resources

Teams and coaches looking for some challenges to help improve their spontaneous skills can check out the spontaneous pages on the NY Odyssey website where new full practice problems are posted regularly.

In addition we have some mini-challenges also available that can be used with minimal preparation to help add some spontaneous practice activities to any team meeting.

Latest Regional Tournament Information

The date for Region 14 Regional Tournament has now been finalized. March 2nd 2024 at Pittsford CSD, exact location tbd.

Board Members Needed

New members are needed to join the NYSOMA board. Participation includes attendance at 6 Board meetings per year (3 virtual 3 in-person) and assisting with the State Tournament, in the weeks prior and on the day, if possible.

We are particularly looking with people who have experience in fundraising or obtaining corporate sponsorship, but if you have time and energy and want to help the Odyssey program flourish in New York, consider applying to the board. The online form for applications can be found here.

For further information contact Jeff Guldenschuh, Board Chair -

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