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An eye to the wise (4)!

Latest news from NY Odyssey

Covering State Finals, results & special awards (OMER's and Ranatra Fusca Awards), the NYSOMA Scholarship 2024 winners and the roster of Team NY - representing New York at the World Finals in Ames, IA.

State Finals

It was our biggest tournament ever, with over 250 teams from across the state competing for the honor of representing New York at the World Finals in Ames, Iowa, May 22nd-25th.

We had a giant LED screen displaying shout outs, and team pictures inside the Center of Progress and then an amazing dance party and awards ceremony.

Weren't able to attend State Finals this year?

Relive the excitement of the Awards Ceremony via a recording the livestream at

OMER’s Awards – State Finals


Rocking World Detour Div III - COBLESKILL-RICHMONDVILLE HS #16607


Stephanie Viglietta - Wellsville Central School District


Dianne Chalavoutis - DONALD P. SUTHERLAND ELEMENTARY #37615


Diane Betzweiser - Shenendehowa Middle School


Ranatra Fusca Awards – State Finals


Drive-In Movie Div II - MONHAGEN MID SCH #38342 


AI Tech-No-Art Div III - BROADALBIN-PERTH JR\/SR H S #12167 

Team NY at World Finals

First and Second place teams at States plus ties and Ranatra Fusca award winners are advancing to World Finals to represent team New York in Ames, Iowa May 21st to 24th.

Representing NY at World Finals, in Ames Iowa


ATTICA CENT S Region 15 P5            D1

BALLSTON SPA MS Region 6 P4            D2

BETHLEHEM CENTRAL H Region 7 P4            D3

BROADALBIN-PERTH JR/SR H S Region 21 P2            D3

BROOKS HILL ES Region 14 P3            D1

FAIRPORT HS Region 14 P5            D3

GENESEO MID/HS Region 15 P1            D3

GOSHEN IS Region 5 P2            D1

HOOSIC VALLEY JR/SR HS Region 4 P5            D2

HOOSIC VALLEY JR/SR HS Region 4 P3            D3

LONG BEACH ES Region 2 P5            D1

LONG BEACH MS Region 2 P2            D2

LONG BEACH MS Region 2 P3            D2

MALTA AVENUE ES Region 6 P4            D1

MONHAGEN MS Region 5 P1            D2

MONTGOMERY ES Region 5 P3            D1

PARK AVENUE ES Region 5 P5            D1

PERRY CENT S Region 15 P1            D3

PINE BUSH ES Region 5 P1            D1

PINE BUSH H S Region 5 P2            D3

PINE TREE ELEM Region 5 P3            D1

PITTSFORD HS A Region 14 P5            D3

PITTSFORD HS B Region 14 P3            D3

SANFORDVILLE ES Region 5 P2            D1

SCHOOL #18 Region 4 P5            D1

SKANEATELES MS Region 11 P4            D2

ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST SCHOOL Region 12 P3            D1

STATE STREET ES B Region 11 P1            D1

WARWICK VALLEY MS Region 5 P1            D2

WARWICK VALLEY MS Region 5 P2            D2

WASHINGTONVILLE H S Region 5 P4            D3

WASHINGTONVILLE MS Region 5  P3            D2

YORK ES Region 15 P4            D1

YORK MID/HS Region 15 P5            D2

YORK MID/HS Region 15 P5            D3

NY Odyssey Instagram account @nysodyssey will be posting photos and graphics from World Finals.

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NYSOMA Scholarship 2024 winners

"What has being an OMer taught you, and how will it help you and future employers?"

This years challenge, for HS seniors, was to create a lively, entertaining and creative video that will show people what they have learned, and what real world 21st century skills they have developed, by participating in Odyssey of the Mind . 

4 scholarships of $1,000 were awarded this year to Shamus Evans, Jenna Hopmayer, Lauryn Donahue and Madelyn Carpenter.

Check out their winning videos at

One of our winners Shamus, the day after State Finals, competed with his father in the Boston Marathon and achieved a personal best time of 2:55, placing 2nd in their division.

The duo received fantastic support all round the course. Shamus told his dad after the race, "My smile muscles are tired!"

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