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Your challenge is to use the objects in the bins to make stacks of objects on the table.


You will have 8 minutes to solve the challenge.

The judge will warn you when 2 minutes and when 1 minute remains. You are allowed to ask the judges questions and talk to each other at any time.


(see set-up)


Label 4 bins with the appropriate point values and place the following items inside:

1 point bin: 3 coins, 3 blocks, 5 Popsicle sticks
3 point bin: 1 fork, 2 spoons, 3 jacks
5 point bin: 3 golf balls, 2 marbles, 2 ping pong balls
10 point bin: 1 stuffed animal, 1 medium-sized toy car.

Place the bins in the center of the table

  1. There are objects to use to create your solution (point to bins of objects).

  2. You are not allowed to use the bin or anything else and you are not allowed to damage the objects.

  3. Your problem is to use the objects to make stacks of objects on the table.

  4. You may ask to be scored at any time. Competition is over when you ask to be scored or when time ends.

When checking for score:
No one can touch the objects.
Each object on the stack is worth the value marked on its bin.

Any object touching the table will not count for score.
You are not allowed to make stacks anywhere but on the table.


You will receive the point value of each object in a stack that is not touching the table.

You will receive 1 to 10 points for the creativity of your solution.

You will receive 1 to 15 points for how well you work together.


Would it have been better to make multiple stacks or only a few?

Was the point value of items considered when designing stacks?

Was risk and reward balanced?

Did the team use items effectively?

What would you do differently if you did it again?

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