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Shoe Shuffle

Shoe Shuffle

Your challenge is to pair up all of the shoes, without speaking.


You have 8 minutes to solve this challenge.


Give each team the following items: 1 broom, 1 piece of string 12”, 1 piece of cardboard, 3 plates, 2 cups, 1 yard stick, 5 unsharpened pencils, 1 piece of yarn 12”, 1 frisbee, and 2 socks.


Tape a 5-foot line on the floor.

Place 5 pairs of shoes on the floor. Make sure that you shuffle up the pairs and have them some distance from each other. Mix up the shoe types. Try to have a pair of high heeled shoes, a pair of flip flops, sneakers, etc. Mix up the distances from the line so that you have some close and some further away.

Mark one pair with yellow dots and another pair with red dots.

The red dot shoes should be the furthest from the line.


Behind the line, there are several shoes that have been separated from their matching shoe.

Your challenge is to move the shoes so that they are paired up with the matching shoe.

  1. To be considered paired-up, the shoes must be touching each other.

  2. You have been given materials to move the shoes; you may not use anything else.

  3. You may not talk while solving the challenge.

  4. When moving the shoes, you must be behind the line. You may not change the setup.

The shoes with yellow dots on them must remain in contact with the floor while you are moving them. If a shoe loses contact with the floor, that pair of shoes will be out of play and you may not receive score for them.

The shoes with red dots on them must both be moved behind the line before being paired up.


Each pair of shoes is paired correctly: 10 points

The pair of shoes with the yellow dots is paired without leaving the floor: 15 points

The pair of shoes with the red dots is paired behind the line: 15 points

Creativity of how the shoes are moved: 1-15 points

How well the team works together: 1-15 points

Penalty -5 points each time a member of the team speaks.


Would it have been better to make a single device or more than one?

Did only the shoes with yellow dots have not to leave the floor?

Was the point value of tasks considered when tackling the challenge?

Was non verbal communication used effectively?

Were team member tasks and responsibilities sorted out clearly?

Did the team use items effectively?

What would the team do differently if they did it again?

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