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Fantastic Vehicle

Fantastic Vehicle

Create a vehicle that will be blown as far as possible across the floor, propelled only an electric fan.


1 minute to think and plan. 4 minutes to build the vehicle. 2 minutes to test the vehicle.


For Team: 6 wheels, 10 straws, 6 craft sticks, 4 rubber bands, 4 mailing labels, four 3x5 cards, 4 pieces of notebook paper, 10 paper clips, 2 binder clips, two 6" pieces of string, 1 pair of scissors.

For Judge: A tabletop size electric fan, preferably with multiple speeds. A tape measure, masking tape and some small stickers.


Place one piece of tape about 4' long on the on the floor. This is the Start Line. Center a 1' taped square parallel to the taped line, with the closest edge of the square 1' from the line. Place the fan in this box.

  1. Teams will use only the supplies provided to create their vehicle. The scissors, fan and tape measure may not be part of the vehicle.

  2. The taped lines may not be altered in any way.

  3. The fan may not be removed from the taped square.

  4. The team will designate one team member to operate the fan.

  5. The fan operator will use the fan to blow the vehicle as far from the Start Line as possible.

  6. When the vehicle comes to a stop the judge will mark the point of farthest progress with a small sticker.

  7. The team can make additional attempts until time expires, or they choose to stop.

  8. The team may make adjustments to the vehicle between attempts, but time will continue.

  9. Team members may not touch the vehicle during scoring attempts.


1 pt for each inch the vehicle moves from the Start Line for each of the TWO BEST attempts.
1-10 pts for how well the team used the materials
1-20 points for teamwork


Would it make a difference if distance was measured from front or back of vehicle?

Does the "vehicle" have to have wheels?

Did the team adjust the vehicle effectively between attempts?

What would you do differently if you did it again?

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