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Chain Links

Chain Links

Your challenge is, given the materials, create the longest possible chain possible.


Team members may ask the judges questions but may not talk to each other.

You will have 5 minutes to solve this problem.


4 sheets of paper, 1 paper bag, 1 envelope

2 pieces of 12 inch string, 5 mailing labels

4 straws, 10 toothpicks, 1 pencil, 1 pair of scissors




Your problem is to build the longest chain out of the materials provided.

  1. The chain will be held at each end by a team member, so that it does not touch the floor.

  2. The length for score will be the horizontal distance between the two team members hands.

  3. If the chain breaks then the measurement will be from the hand one end to where it touches the floor

  4. If the two pieces are not the same then the longest distance is measured from hand to floor.


Creativity of non-verbal communication: 1-20 points

Creativity of construction of the chain: 1-20 points

Horizontal distance between ends of chain (or from one end if the chain touches the ground): 1 point per inch

Teamwork: 1-30 points


Were team member tasks and responsibilities sorted out clearly?

How could the chain construction be more creative?

Did the team use non-verbal methods effectively?

What would the team do differently if they did it again?

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