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Bucket Choice

Bucket Choice

Your challenge is to move as many  balls as you can into a bucket.


You will have 8 minutes to solve the problem. You will be warned when 2 minutes and when 1 minute remains. You are allowed to ask the judge questions and talk to each other at any time.


For Team: 10 ping pong balls, 10 golf balls, and 5 tennis balls.

1 yard stick, 1 piece of string 12", 1 small piece of cardboard, 1 mailing label, 1 cup, 2 soup cans, 1 water bottle, and 2 pieces of paper.

For Judge: A bucket, masking tape


Place a line of masking tape 4 feet away from the bucket

  1. When moving a ball, team members must be completely behind the launch line.

  2. There are materials for you to use to move the balls. Nothing else may be used.

  3. You may choose to flip the bucket on its side, but you must do this before you launch the first ball. If you flip the bucket on its side, it must stay that way the entire time. Likewise, if you leave the bucket upright, it must remain that way until time ends.

  4. You may not alter the setup in any other way.


Ping-pong balls are worth 1 point, golf balls are worth 2 points, and tennis balls are worth 3 points.

Each ball in the bucket, if the bucket is on its side, will receive the point value of the ball

Each ball in the upright bucket will receive double the points value of the ball

1-20 points for the creativity of how the balls are moved

1-20 points for how well the team works together


Would it have been better to place the bucket on its side or leave upright?

Was ball choice effective?

Did the team use materials effectively?

What would you do differently if you did it again?

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