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Food services for competitors and spectators during the NY State Finals Tournament will be located at the Science & Industry Building.

Food trucks will be parked just outside, allowing you to get your food and take it inside to eat.


We will have lots of picnic benches inside the building so that people can maintain adequate social distancing whilst eating and drinking. 


​There will be 2 Food Trucks there starting at 7 AM for breakfast and hot drinks.

Birdsong Café

Serving a variety of Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, Bubble Lemonades, Smoothies, Liége Styled Waffles, Crepes, Paninis

Exhale Cafe & Bakeshop

Providing a fantastic variety of cookies, cupcakes, coffee, and other drinks.

From around 10 to 11 AM thru mid-afternoon there will be 3 additional food trucks outside the Science and Industry Building to provide a wider range of options for lunch.

Toss & Fire Pizza

They will be offering artisan wood-fired pizzas.
Serving 10” individual pizzas with options for vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian and meat pizza toppings.
There will be about 8-10 different pizza options available.

The Angry Pig BBQ

All of their meats are slow smoked using hickory wood. 

Menu includes: Pulled pork sandwiches, Chopped brisket sandwiches, Brisket & cheddar sandwiches, Brisket & cheddar tots, Brisket mac & cheese, Fries/tots/coleslaw.

Cue Dogs

This is a mobile hot dog cart featuring Hofmann's hot dogs and Gianelli sausage.

Plus, burgers, fries, chicken tenders, Philly Cheesesteaks and nachos

Food at Solvay

As we are having 2 performance sites at Solvay High School for Problem 2, as well as running the Spontaneous competition there, we will have an extra Food Truck at Solvay from 7am - 3pm.

Food Trailer Pic 2.JPG
Fair Deli

Breakfast sandwiches, bagels and Danish pastries for breakfast.


Then for lunch offering their famous Awesome Reuben sandwich, Reuben Empanadas and the Luciano sandwich (vegetarian).

Plus, meatball subs,  crispy chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, house salad, french fries and soft drinks.

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