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Come eat with us!

Come eat with us!

Your challenge is to come up with a creative new themed restaurant and a TV advertisement with a jingle/catch-phrase to advertise it.


In this challenge, you will have 6 minutes to develop your solution.

You will then have one minute to present your solution.

You may talk and ask questions during this practice time, however, time will continue.

Your challenge is to devise a creative name for a new themed restaurant.

You need to create and present a TV Advert  that will introduce your restaurant and make people want to come visit.

As part of the advert, you must also create a jingle or catch-phrase to help advertise your restaurant, which will be presented in your one minute presentation.

Examples of this jingle/catch-phrase would be the McDonald's theme song "Du, du dudu duu - I'm loving it!".

Your will present your solution using some or all of the materials on the table, some of which may be altered, whereas others may not.


These items may not be damaged:

3 wigs, different colors

1 purse, 1 scarf, 1 sweater

5 plastic bracelets, 1 jacket, 1 shower cap, 1 men’s tie

2 Hawaiian leis, 1 boa, 1 bandana, 1 beaded necklace

Markers /crayons

(May substitute with similar items as needed)

These items may be used in any way the team wishes:

2 Paper plates

4 pieces of yarn, 12” long

1 paper cup

1 plastic spoon

2 plastic forks

Place items that cannot be damaged separately from the items that may be used in anyway.


1-10 points for the originality of the restaurant and its theme.

1-20 points for the originality and presentation of the TV Advert

1-20 points for creative use of materials

1-10 points for the effectiveness and creativity of the jingle/catch-phrase

1-20 points for teamwork.


Did the team use the items creatively or follow along with their usual associations?

Did the team manage time well?

How could the presentation been more creative?

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