Ranatra Fusca Winners OMer the ROMER Div I SANFORDVILLE ELEM SCH. 31491 Warwick, NY OMer the ROMER Div III SHERBURNE-EARLVILLE HIGH SCH 48688 Sherburne, NY Classics... OMER and the Beanstalk Div II O' ROURKE MID SCH 5465 Burnt Hills, NY It's a Trap!!! Div III YORK CENTRAL SCHOOL 3260 LeRoy, NY Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning Div III PINE BUSH H S 4637 Pine Bush, NY

Problem Specific Video Requirements

Problem 1: OMer the ROMER

  1. Closeup and explanation of the propulsion system

  2. Closeup and explanation of the functional engineering and operation excluding propulsion (Steering, Smile, Laugh, Special effect etc.)

  3. Measure the 10′ between each of the “X”

  4. Indicate the location of the Marker used for Style F1.

  5. Explain how the OMer character reacts at each required stop.

  6. Explain the physical representation of the selfie.

Problem 2: Virtual Odyssey

  1. Description of the Virtual Reality World and real-world setting. How they differ from each other and what the team’s thought behind their selections.

  2. Close up of the real-world setting scored for its artistic quality.

  3. Close up of each technical effect, how it was made, what it does and how each operates. How the team came up with the ideas for the technical effects. Add time stamp to each technical effect so judges can go back and view the technical effect more closely if necessary.

  4. Demonstrate the team-determined Technical Effect and the creativity of it. Why the team chose this effect for style element.

  5. How did the team come up with the nefarious creature.

  6. A description of the four credits and how they were earned. Timestamps of when each credit is earned.

  7. Show the special effect, how it was made, what it does and how it operates. Add timestamp so judges can go back and view the special effect more closely if necessary.

  8. Show the prop to be scored for Style and explain the artistic quality of the prop and why it was chosen. Show the various materials used to design the prop. Explain how it fits into the performance.

  9. Close up of the two free style choices of team. Why were they chosen and what effect did they have on the problem solution.

Problem 3: Classics… OMER and the Beanstalk

After teams finish their performance, they should focus on the following for their explanation to the officials. If possible, have the team member that has the most experience with the item talk about it. Remember to focus on the items and categories that are being scored in the Problem and in Style.

Youngster Character:

  • How did you come up with their Youngster Character?

  • Tell a little about the Youngster Character (Costume, personality, etc.)

  • The life lesson presented to the Youngster Character, and how it impacted them.

The Host Character:

  • How did you come up with the idea for the Host Character?

  • Tell a little about the Host Character (Costume, personality, etc.)

The selected stories:

  • Why did you choose those two stories?

  • How did the stories help the Youngster Character learn a life lesson?

  • For each story explain:
    -The required character (How it was picked)
    -The required work of art made with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda
    -In what way did you use the ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda
    -A close up of the artistic representation.

The object that grows or appears to grow:

  • How the object grows or appears to grow.

  • How did you come up with this idea.

  • If possible, a close up on the object and showing it growing.



Round Object:

  • How it is used in the performance.

  • How did you come up with that object to use.

  • A close up of the round object.

Artistic Quality of a set piece or prop:

  • How did you create the object?

  • A close up of the object.

Free Choice:

  • Tell about your style item and how it was made or how you came up with this idea

  • If possible, a close up on the object.

Problem 4: It’s a Trap!

The explanation portion of your video should emphasize, but is not limited to, details of the following.

  1. If the structure was designed and built to transform from trapping to weight testing, show and describe how it works.

  2. To trap the moving object, explain how the trapping system works.

  3. The structure resting and how it is prepared to trap the Moving Object.

  4. How the Moving Object is propelled and how it moves on its own.

  5. Clearly show at least 1 attempt, successful or not, of the moving object being trapped.

  6. If successful, the Moving Object trapped.

  7. How the Moving Object is used elsewhere in the performance.

  8. How the oblivious character avoids the 3 traps, and details about that characters costume.

  9. Descriptive details about the Narrator Character.

  10. The 2 Free Choice items in Style.

Problem 5: Superhero Socks: A Cliffhanger Beginning


Highlight/describe the “super power” created by the socks

  1. How they created their special effect during the extreme weather setting

  2. How the adversary character is defeated, what thoughts went into this scenario.

  3. How the sound effect is created when the super socks are activated

  4. The process used to make their Super Socks, materials used etc.

  5. Costume creation of all characters, materials used etc.

  6. Highlight what items were used in the creation of the membership sign, specifically what created “artistic quality”

  7. Highlight how they used the rubber bands (creatively) in their solution

  8. Highlight the items they used as “free choice” in Style

  9. Describe the cliffhanger situation

  10. Describe the extreme weather setting

  11. Anything else the team feels it is important for the judges to know