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November Clarifications

New general clarifications have been added for Problems 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Problem 2: Odyssey ReOMvention

Nov 29, 2021 B9 – The Setting: The setting of the threat must be current-Day Earth. Something in or on Earth must be threatened. However, the threat may come from beyond Earth. It may be presented any way the team wishes, but must be tangible and visible to the judges and audience.

Problem 3: (Name Here): The Musical Production

Nov 9, 2021 B7 – The selected lesser-known historic figure character: This person must not only be someone not well-remembered in history but must have achievements or actions that merit great recognition through time.

Problem 4: Matryoshka Structure

Nov 9, 2021 B10b – Nested structures: Nested structures must be made of only balsa wood and glue but do not have to follow sizing rules as described in B7b & c.

Problem 5: Life is a Circus!

Nov 29, 2021 B10c1 – Make something seem to appear from nowhere: For this problem, “appear from nowhere,” means to make something appear seemingly from no obvious location or source. It does not mean to be revealed from hiding.

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