New Message for Coaches from the International Problem Captain for Spontaneous

Updated: Feb 9

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Dear Coaches,

The following procedures will help walk you through practicing virtual spontaneous with your team.

1. Connect your team in a way that allows you all to hear each other speak. This can be in person if your health guidelines allow, by conference call, or by using one of the many virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, etc.

2. EACH team member and the coach should go to on their electronic device and under the “Teams” menu select “Members Area”. Everyone will enter the team username and password in the “Team Login” area to access the system.

3. You will see four (4) “Spontaneous Practice” problems. All team members and the coach should select the same Spontaneous Practice problem. CAUTION: Each of these practice problems can only be accessed once!

4. You should each see the Welcome Screen with your Problem and Division at the top. The coach should review the instructions with the team before continuing.

5. When everyone is ready…ALL team members should click on the “Real Time Spontaneous Response View Page” link at the bottom right of the instructions. This will open a page that has the team name, membership number, Long Term Problem and Division, and reads “Spontaneous has not been completed.” The coach should verify that all team members can see this screen before opening the Coach’s link.

6. When all team members can see the view screen, the coach will click on “Start Spontaneous Practice.” A pop-up window will ask “Are you sure you want to start the spontaneous practice?” Once the coach clicks “yes” the problem page will open, the official timer will start, and the team’s view page will show the problem and the responses as they are being typed in by the coach.

7. Team members will give responses and the coach will type exactly what the team member says onto the form. When all responses have been given and the team indicates they are finished, the coach will click “Submit and Close” at the bottom of the screen.

8. NOTE: If time runs out before the coach hits “submit and close,” all responses that have been typed in will be automatically saved and submitted for score.

There is also a Coach’s Training Video, called VIRTUAL TOURNAMENT SPONTANEOUS GUIDE, which has additional information on practicing with your teams. It is on the Odyssey of the Mind website in the MEMBER AREA.

Good luck to your teams!

Joy Kurtz, International Problem Captain for Spontaneous

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