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January News

Introducing our new pins, a reminder about submitting team clarifications, details of blocks of rooms reserved at special rates for teams attending State Finals, a plea for new Board members and people to work on the various NYSOMA committees, as well as a great suggestion for a fun activity with your team!

Cast an eye over this year’s Pins!

We have an array of fantastic new pins for 2024.

There is a unique problem pin set with an eyeball, with interchangeable irises, a Gnome set with iconic state items and 2 more new playbills to complement our previous pins. This year the Statue of Liberty channels their inner Barbie and the pink theme infuses our State finals pin too!

Check out the full pin gallery at

A big thanks is due to all the OMers who submitted ideas. The winning submissions were provided by:

Eye Problem Pin Set + (the secret) WF Eye

Bridget Laurence - R14

Gnome Set

Kim Bringas, Meg Benedict, Thomas Bringas, Sidney Beckwith - R11


Kate Pomroy - R2

Flying Saucer

Tim Talma - R14

Little Shop of OMER - Playbill

Veronica Talma - R14

OmerSpray - Playbill

State Finals submission - no name supplied

Also a massive thanks is due to our Graphic Designer - Melissa Talma

Deadline for submitting Team Clarifications is Feb 15th 2024

If teams are unsure about their proposed solution and/or have questions about how to interpret the requirements and limitations of the Long-Term Problem or the Program Guide  they should request a Team Specific Clarification.

Teams should not just hope their solution will be legal, or seek guidance from an experienced coach or their RD.

The clarification system is not intended to replace reading the problem and program guide. Teams should read the problem and its limitations, all general clarifications, and the general rules listed in the Program Guide BEFORE requesting a clarification.

Once you have registered your team's problem and division you can access the Team Login area to submit a new clarification. 

Help Wanted

The NYSOMA Board of Directors is actively recruiting individuals over the age of 18 to join the board.  As a board member, you will play an integral part in helping to improve and advance the New York State Odyssey of the Mind program.

Qualifications include knowledge of and passion for the Odyssey of the Mind program, having skills and experience that would be helpful to the Board (e.g., legal, finance, social media, project management) and being ready and willing to take on leadership roles and spearhead initiatives.

Board members will need to attend board meetings throughout the year (3 in person, 3 online) as well as participating in email and online discussions.

Additionally, we are looking for individuals to assist the State Finals Tournament Committee in planning the event and/or coordinating on the day of the event. Volunteers are welcome from anywhere in New York State, but if you are in the Syracuse area, we’d especially love your help!

For more information and to download an application visit

Team Hotels

NYSOMA has negotiated blocks of rooms in Syracuse for teams attending State Finals.

These special rates are only available until March 12th/ 13th 2024.

Teams must mention NYSOMA when making these bookings.

Last year we did have a couple of issues with hotels canceling rooms at the very last-minute leaving teams stranded. These hotels were NOT collaborating with NYSOMA, so it was hard for us to follow through with complaints. We strongly advise that teams try to reserve rooms at one of the participating hotels.  We have almost 400 rooms available so hopefully nobody will experience last year’s hiccup.

Looking for a Fun Team Activity?


Taking a break from creative problem solving a group of 20 plus OMers in Region 21 recently took a trip to see the movie ‘Wonka’.   A fun team-building adventure that regenerated their brain cells while they munched on Wonka candy.


We would love to share your team trips and activities.

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